Spa Facials

All facials begin with a detailed face mapping and skin analysis to provide the ultimate skin treatment and includes massage of face, neck, shoulders, scalp, hands and feet.

  • Express
  • Multi-Vitamin Power Treatment
  • Four Layer
  • Ultra Sensitive
  • ChromaWhite TRx®
  • Deep Skin Exfoliation System

    See description of each service in more detail below:

Express Facial

Seaweed or rose pedal facial for those regular clients on the go who want a refreshing glow Includes a light massage of the face, neck and shoulders.
45 minutes....$65.00

ChromaWhite TRx®

This facial balances areas of uneven pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance, UV exposure and pregnancy by helping to regulate melanin production on a cellular level. Combining with a scrupulous home regimen provides phenomenal results.
1 hour...$85.00

Multi-Vitamin Power Treatment

Concerned about the signs of aging on your skin? Revitalize with the latest in vitamin repair and hydroxy acid exfoliation. Every step delivers potent skin repairing vitamins to help repair damaged, prematurely aging skin. Inquire about vitamin treatments for home.
1 hour...$80.00

Deep Skin Exfoliation System

Antibacterial properties help sooth, heal and reduce inflammation flareups due to acne. This deep cleansing facial removes impurities and excess oil while refining the skin's texture. Includes gentle extractions.
1 hour and 30 minutes...$85.00

Four Layer Facial

Layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed rejuvenates, tones and helps firm the skin. Results are impressive younger looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts. Skin is healthier and radiant.
1 hour and 15 minutes...$95.00 with Stone Massage $150.00

Ultra Sensitive

If your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy, our super-soothing cleansing will remove stress from your skin, followed by a calming, clinical colloidal oatmeal masque that will instantly calm irritated or sunburned skin.
1 hour...$85.00

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